North Dakota congressional hopeful Campbell takes shots at fellow republican challengers

(Fargo, ND) -- North Dakota republican congressional candidate Tom Campbell is taking shots at republican challengers Julie Fedorchak and Rick Becker.

"I know we don't need another regulator or a career politician and we don't need an extremist that is going to ruin our country or cut everything right away so I think I am kind of middle of the road and the person that can deliver a performance," said Campbell. 

Campbell describes himself as a "conservative farmer". 

He also describes Becker as a "bull in a china shop". 

Campbell also says it has taken the country "many years to get into this mess of deficit spending", and says it will take "awhile to get out of it". 

Becker is a former state representative and Fedorchak has been serving on the state Public Service Commission since 2012. 

Campbell appeared on The Flag's "What's on Your Mind".