Supreme Court committee refers uniform bail schedule initiative back to workgroup

(Fargo, ND) — North Dakota’s legislature passed a bill in the last legislative session relating to a uniform bail schedule initiative.

On Thursday, there was a hearing regarding the initiative. Cass County Sheriff Jesse Jahner tells WDAY Radio that the North Dakota Supreme Court’s Rulemaking Committee met and discussed the initiative.

“The court was concerned with the amount of people that had wrote in letters and had mentioned things to them in, in different ways with concerns over what was proposed,” Jahner said. “And so now that the Supreme Court has kicked it back to the working group, so for right now, nothing has been decided upon.”

Jahner said officials took the Court’s decision as a win, saying the working group felt the proposal needed more work.

“It'll go back to the working group and hopefully now they open it up for a few more comments and maybe we as law enforcement can have some additional input on what's proposed,” he said.

Jahner made the comments in an appearance on The Coffee Club on WDAY Radio on Friday.