Tom Campbell Poised to Enter Governor's Race Regardless of Doug Burgum's Decision on Reelection

Courtesy: Tom Campbell
Courtesy: Tom Campbell


FARGO (WDAY) - Former North Dakota state Senator and business man, Tom Campbell is considering a run for governor.

Campbell, a Republican who served in the North Dakota Senate representing District 19 from 2013 through 2018 has not officially announced his intent to run, but did say on The Steve Hallstrom Show on AM 1100 THE FLAG, "It's something I've always wanted to do." Campbell says his decision will not be based on whether Doug Burgum seeks
an additional term or not, "Eight years is enough, let's move on; He's done the presidential thing...he bought the governor's seat in essence and he tried to buy the presidential seat which failed."

Campbell said that the ongoing mental health crisis, homelessness and property taxes would be key issues for him in his campaign for governor. "One of the things I would propose to solve and push the legislators to introduce a bill that I would sign, would be to cap it [property taxes] at 1 or 2 percent."

On energy, Campbell supports the controversial CO2 pipeline because he believes fossil fuels are a necessary component to powering the state's energy needs. "When the sun doesn't shine or the wind doesn't blow there will be blackouts...where people will die because of it," said Campbell, "It's scary what we're setting ourselves up for."

Campbell expects that he will make a final decision on whether he's running for governor in the next few weeks.